South America Vacation

Top 3 Reasons to Book for Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands Now


You want to do it all, see the world, and come home with pictures and stories to last a lifetime.  Maybe a South American Vacation or Tour of the Galapagos Islands are even on your travel “Bucket List”.  You’ve been looking for an adventure but there’s always something holding you back – budget, worries from the news, or being overwhelmed with options and planning...

But truly passionate travelers would be smart to make their reservations for Ecuador and Galapagos Island Vacations this year.  We’ve found 3 Key Reasons why a vacation to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands SHOULD NOT be put off another year!

1.       Flights to Quito At an All-time Low

You might think that a flight to South America alone is a small fortune that would put this destination out of reach.  But try searching now to Quito International Airport (UIO).  Rates are 20-30% lower than average fairs from 2015 or the previous 3-5 years. This is an instant savings in your overall vacation costs. There will always be new deals offered with ever increasing discounts to the most popular beach destinations. But there’s no indication on how long the current flight savings to Ecuador will last. There’s no better time to move a tour of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands to the top of your travel plans.

2.       Experience a Beautiful New World

Fortunately, the Galapagos Islands, Quito and Mountain Views Inn were spared from damage caused by the recent earthquake.  Ecuador is welcoming guests and rest assured that on our tours you will see the same incredible sites, taste the same fresh, delicious fruits and meals, and experience the same amazing culture.  As tourism is a major source of national revenue, simply choosing to visit, sharing your pictures with friends and building excitement are valued signs of support for Ecuador while the government and local organizations work together to help affected areas.  

Mountain Views Inn continues to work toward our mission to introduce people to the incredible culture and people of Ecuador through adventure tours, singles vacations, and yoga retreates while supporting local communities.  While we donate independently, we do not ask or collect monetary donations from guests.  As always, we will continue to offer ongoing support to local underprivileged schools and organizations.  Guests asking for opportunities to help are still welcome to bring gently used clothing and shoes which are always greatly appreciated.

3.       Vacation Without Worry

The recent reports of the Zika virus have many people rightfully concerned about making travel plans, but few know that there are many vacation destinations in South America with significantly lower risk than much of the United States.  The virus is primarily spread by mosquitos which survive at elevations up to about 1200 meters (3937 feet).  Since Quito is already at 2850 meters and surrounded by Volcanic Highlands, the area is immune to mosquito born afflictions.  The Galapagos Islands are another location reported by the CDC as free from mosquito transmitted Zika cases.  The islands lie 600 miles from the nearest coast of Ecuador with a long history of inspecting all travelers to prevent introduction of new species or removal of endemic species from the islands.  Meanwhile the predicted distribution of carrying mosquitos is growing through the Caribbean, Central America and South Eastern United States. 

You can enjoy your vacation with Mountain Views Inn free from the worries of this latest global concern and also free from the biggest worries associated with any vacation.  We understand when visiting new exciting destinations, you want to get off the beaten path and get a taste of life as a local.  What you don’t want is a single bad snack or meal to make you sick for an entire vacation.  Or for a wrong turn to put you in a dangerous situation.  Your hosts have thoroughly researched each excursion to ensure everyone’s health and safety throughout the trip.  Enjoy this beautiful new world, simply having fun with new friends!